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Website design that is beautiful, functional and affordable. Smartphone Tablet Computer Professional social media campaigns that deliver excellent results. Social Media Management Leveraging digital technology to your advantage.

Serving companies and organisations throughout Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

West Maddox

In a nutshell: We design custom websites. We skilfully manage Social Media. We support the IT needs of business.

Ask yourself . . .

Is Information Technology really driving your business forward?

Take a moment to honestly answer this question. Make a list of your business needs and review if your IT is helping or hindering. Unless you are completely happy, it’s time to take action. We can create a new website for you, attract new customers through social media or upgrade your systems with our IT support services.

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We design websites. Sites that appeal visually and offer more reasons to do business with you including, advanced functionality such as e-commerce or other specialist features. Your website starts life in our first meeting and develops to become an integral part of your business. Large or small, e-commerce or just a professional page that represents what you do, West Maddox has the technical skills and commercial insight to create a powerful website that really showcases your business.

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We manage Social Media marketing. Social media really is the marketing opportunity your business can’t afford to ignore. It boosts your SEO footprint and, if used with targeted advertising, can help you to reach out to thousands of potential new customers. For those having trouble keeping up with the ever changing social media landscape – or those that simply don’t have enough hours in the day – we offer full social media management services that cost-effectively drive engagement.

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We solve IT problems. A weak IT infrastructure, be it outdated and unreliable computers or outmoded software and processes, is a cost to your business. We can deal with any IT or web-based issues your business may be facing such as large database management, setting up working from home for staff, upgrades of outdated equipment, recovery of lost data and implementing cloud solutions.

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