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Business Support

Is outdated technology holding your business back?

Update Your Outdated Systems

Old technology and a poor IT infrastructure are a cost to your business, and increasingly one you can’t afford.

Old tech means unreliability, inefficient staff, poor workflow and the potential loss of business-critical data. Modern PC and Mac computing platforms are reliable and fast and the advent of cloud serving and storage has revolutionised the working environment, enabling flexible working, maintenance and data safety as never before.

Get stuff fixed before it breaks

Improve your systems and save time

Offer 'Working From Home' soloutions to staff

Work faster with up to date PC's and cloud computing

Staff get more done on faster computers

Don't ignore those error messages!

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Manage you customer relationships effectively

Could your CRM do more?

Your customers are your business’s lifeline. A happy customer is a repeat customer. Obvious? Maybe, but far too many companies do not manage or exploit their customers efficiently. Too often customer information is held in different IT systems, in the heads of sales people or consigned to an out of date spreadsheet.

Be smarter than that. Modern customer relationship management software (CRM) organises both your customer and prospect information. Key details such as purchasing history and related behaviours and demographic allow you to profile your contacts and match offers to them. A CRM will feed from and to your sales processing software, can streamline your marketing and inform your sales effort. A CRM can drive your business forward. Now that’s better than a spreadsheet isn’t it?

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Offer staff flexible working

Set Up Home Working

With commercial rents rising and a trend to flexible hours and employment practice, home working is on the rise – over 4 million people in the UK now work from home. The digital revolution means telecommuting staff can utilise all the programs, email, tele and video conferencing necessary to get the job done. It makes sense for staff, and the company.

To get the best from home working it is vital that staff are properly set up. West Maddox’s experience is supplying and installing home working systems will help you ensure your staff stay productive with the minimum of fuss and interruption. In addition, sophisticated management tools enable managers to monitor activity.

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